How to install WordPress in Webuzo Panel with 5 steps!


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Hello folks,
With the following tutorial we will show you how to install WordPress through Webuzo Control Panel.

Step 1: Login to Webuzo Panel with your admin username and password.
- Ok, ok! You already know that :)

Step 2: On your left you will see various Scripts categories . Since we are going to install WordPress which belong to the Blogs category we will click on "Blogs" and then WordPress

Step 3: Once WordPress is selected various taps will show and we are going to click on "Install"

Step 4: Fill in the details like domain name , protocols,admin , admin password ,etc.

Click on install and this should do the trick.

The Installation time may very so please be patient!

Step 5: Click on the Links provided by Softaculous after the installation is over.This should redirect you directly to the Site page or the admin homepage.

That's All Folks
Enjoy your new WordPress installation
Best Regards
Webuzo Network

P.S: Another way of installation is manually via FTP, you will have to upload the locally saved wordpress copy, create database and visit your website domain name.
Need help? Just open support ticket and our Support team will install WordPress for you!